Doña Juana is a businesswoman. She has her own business that has helped her move ahead in life, together with her three children, who are today all grown.

Her business is selling shoes and and a pharmacy; she looks after the shoe store, and her son takes care of the pharmacy. This is how they have been able to move ahead in life.

To begin with, she did it with little capital from her work; later on, with financing from Afodenic, she was able to introduce more variety and styles of shoes, and started to grow, achieving new clients, higher sales, and renting the space from where she sells.

She has been working with Afodenic for seven lending cycles. This new loan today is for replacing the roof of her house, putting down a floor, and repairing the bathroom and buying a new toilet.

What she will buy are materials – zinc sheets, bolts, roof beams, flooring, cement, sand, a toilet and accessories – achieving a better home for her family.


  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Average Annual Income: $3,636
  • Currency: Nicaragua Cordobas (NIO)
  • Exchange Rate: 22.6000 NIO = 1 USD