Dagvadulam, 47, has been working as a doctor for 19 years, and during this time, she could save not enough for her family. She lives with her husband and three children in Darkhan, the second largest city in Mongolia, and owns a small piece of land in the slum district. Her husband is a driver in a private transportation company.

Dagvadulam and her husband want to start another business that can increase their family income, and they decided to build a rental garage on her land. It will be a very beneficial business in Mongolia, because Mongolian winter is freezing cold and every car needs a garage with heating. She plans to build a garage to hold four or five cars, and she will gain benefits from this in November.

Now she needs some money to build her garage. Therefore, she is requesting a loan to buy the building materials to start her garage-renting business.


  • Country: Mongolia
  • Average Annual Income: $2,175
  • Currency: Mongolia Tugriks (MNT)
  • Exchange Rate: 1,245.0000 MNT = 1 USD