The “Afepeb Gbegamey” group is composed of 14 members who know each other frpm living in the same neighborhood in Benin. The group’s representative, by the name of Clémence Suzanne, is the one raising her hand in the photo. With the goal of expanding their business activities and better meeting demand, the group is seeking a financing from ALIDé. Clémence Suzanne is married to Augustin, an electrician, and has three children, all of whom are in school. The spouses jointly provide for various family needs. Clémence Suzanne lives together with her husband and children. She never went to school. In order to provide for herself and her family, for about the last 15 years Clémence Suzanne has been selling corn porridge as well as wheat flour by cakes out of her home. Clémence Suzanne stocks up in Benin. In order to bolster her business and better meet her customers’ needs, Clémence Suzanne, together with other members of the “Afepeb Gbegamey” group, is seeking a loan from ALIDé. They goal is to expand their business activities.

Afepeb Gbegamey Group

  • Country: Benin
  • Average Annual Income: $1,500
  • Currency: Communauté Financière Africaine Francs BCEAO (XOF)
  • Exchange Rate: 455.4671 XOF = 1 USD