Adriana is married and lives in the city of Barranquilla. She operates a business making clothing for men and women, some for sale and some for rent. She has operated the business for 11 years. It is located in the neighborhood where she lives. Companies are among her largest customers and she buys her supplies from traditional stores in Barranquilla. The months ahead are normally the busiest of the year for her and she’s very happy because her sales increase. She started as an entrepreneur in 1999 when she moved to Barranquilla after being displaced from another part of the country. She came to the city with her sister and they started the business with help from their mother who loaned them the cash to get started. Her goal for the future is to own her own house. Her biggest challenge is that she doesn’t have enough working capital to meet growing customer demand, demand that is growing day by day as she becomes better known. This Kiva loan is her first loan from Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo. She will use it to buy basic supplies–materials, accessories, etc.–that will help her grow her sales by 25%. She will monitor important financial indicators such as the money she has on hand to replay the loan, the profitability of the business and her potential for growing the business with future borrowings.

  • Country: Colombia
  • Average Annual Income: $8,800 (2008 est.)
  • Currency: Colombia Pesos (COP)
  • Exchange Rate: 1,785.0000 COP = 1 USD